Heart Health

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On February 9, Dr. Sandy Charles, board-certified cardiologist and medical director of the new Novant Health Women’s Heart & Vascular Center, delivered an informative program on how to live a heart-healthy life. Dr. Charles noted plaque can begin to build up in arteries as early as 10 years old, and recommended optimizing heart health early-on.
High blood pressure is frequently caused by high-sodium diets, so Dr. Charles encouraged participants to read labels and know what’s in your food!
Dr. Charles distinguished between “good” cholesterol (HDL) and “bad” cholesterol (LDL), cautioning that excess bad cholesterol leads to atherosclerosis. Yet, consistent exercise (30mins/day, 5 days/week) increases HDL and decreases LDL!
Further, a healthy diet with lots of fiber can bring down cholesterol and blood pressure.
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