Welcome Healthy Charlotte Alliance Membership

Healthy Charlotte Alliance began in 1934 as an organization for physicians’ spouses who sought fellowship and involvement in community service. Today, Healthy Charlotte Alliance welcomes anyone who supports its mission of advocating for a healthier Charlotte Mecklenburg community.

Healthy Charlotte Alliance members are committed to the mission of building a healthier community.

Healthy Charlotte Alliance operates exclusively through committee work of members who donate their time, talent and resources.

Standing Committees include:

  • Board of Directors

  • Finance

  • Planning and Development

  • Grants and Disbursements

  • Membership Development

Healthy Charlotte Alliance’s goals consist of engaging its members in programs and projects that make a meaningful impact on the community, maintaining fiscal responsibility and establishing relevance.

Healthy Charlotte Alliance’s impact on the community is measured through grants given to organizations that report excellent success rates and outcomes. All funds raised go directly to organizations that support the Healthy Charlotte Alliance mission.

Recent Healthy Charlotte Alliance events include:

  • The Holiday House that raised $50,000 in 2016, showcased local designers and informed the public about the work of Healthy Charlotte Alliance.

  • The Whole Tulip taught how to find foods that fuel your unique bio-individuality, reduce inflammation and slow the aging process.

  • Jason Peck, a sleep medicine specialist, spoke on the role of sleep as it relates to good health.

  • Richard White discussed how researchers in Charlotte are leading the fight against melanoma.

  • The Community Health Classroom speakers Drs. Frank Gaskill, Dr. Kelly Bolton, Mary Moore and Josh Jensen with The Aspire Program at Southeast Psychiatric dispelled myths about Asperger’s Syndrome and described how to enhance the strengths and abilities of individuals with Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Healthy Charlotte Alliance is vibrant because of the support and involvement of its members. As an all-volunteer organization, the contributions of members are vital to its success.