Healthy Charlotte Alliance’s
Board of Directors


  • Mimi Compton
    Mimi Compton Immediate Past President
  • Sherry Ward
    Sherry Ward Co-VP Financial Development
  • Karen Chandler
    Karen Chandler President
  • Kay Saville
    Kay Saville Co-VP of Planning and Development
  • Mitzi Yount
    Mitzi Yount Parliamentarian
  • Lois Benjamin
    Lois Benjamin Corresponding Secretary
  • Carrie Howell
    Carrie Howell VP Communications
  • Anne Shoaf
    Anne Shoaf Co-VP Financial Development
  • Leslie Aronovitz
    Leslie Aronovitz Treasurer
  • Beeland Voellinger
    Beeland Voellinger VP Membership
  • Jennie Carruth
    Jennie Carruth Recording Secretary
  • Gina Clegg
    Gina Clegg VP Grants and Disbursements
  • Pam Bullard
    Pam Bullard Co-VP Planning and Development
  • Judy Verross
    Judy Verross VP of Programs