Exercise Is Medicine

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On March 10, members enjoyed a fascinating program on the topic of Exercise Is Medicine with David Bellar, PhD, Professor of Exercise Science and the Chair of the Department of Kinesiology at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Dr. Bellar shared that sedentary death syndrome is the second greatest threat to US public health, and it is caused by lack of daily physical activity.
Additionally, socioeconomic status and education are often linked, in that higher income segments of the US and those who are more highly educated, tend to be healthier.
Dr. Bellar noted that the perception of what it takes to be fit, doesn’t meet the reality of what is actually required. Too often, people become overwhelmed and give up. However, Dr. Bellar said that being fit is not as challenging as people think, and encouraged members to adopt these practical guidelines:
Join Healthy Charlotte Alliance in committing to an evening walk each day after dinner. You can do it!
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