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Please click below to see an overview of the Grant Application.

Please complete the application below to be considered for the Community Health Grant.

Community Health Grant Application & Rules

Grant applications for 2019 funding may be submitted beginning November 1, 2018.  The application deadline is February 15, 2019. Grantees will be notified in April and awards are made in May at our 2019 annual meeting.

Guidelines For Request of Funds

    1. Healthy Charlotte Alliance will consider only proposals that will promote charitable, scientific, and educational healthcare needs of Mecklenburg County.

    2. Our four priority health issues are mental health, access to care, chronic disease prevention and violence prevention.

    3. The application is open only to non-profit organizations.

    4. Only applications that directly benefit the people in Mecklenburg County will be considered.  

Request Rules

    1. Organizations receiving a grant in 2018 are NOT eligible for a grant in 2019.

    2. Grant applications should include a quantitative way to measure the success of the program and impact on the community.

    3. Request for funds will be made using the online application, following the application guidelines.

    4. The applicant agrees to inform the VP of Grants immediately if the project is cancelled with the understanding that the grant funds may be requested to be returned. These grants are restricted funds and cannot be used for any purpose other than the one stated on the application.

    5. The applicant agrees to submit a report on the status of the project to the VP of Grants updating the use of the funds by July 15, 2020.