Caring for the Caregiver, 2018 Community Health Classroom

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On October 25, 2018 Peter Wong, a nationally renowned advisor to employers spoke to a sold out event on the impact of caregiving and caring for the caregiver.
Have you been a caregiver to a parent, child, spouse, or friend this year?
• Caregivers are often called on to be health care, financial and legal advocates.
• Most caregivers are not trained in caregiving.
• Caregiving significantly impacts the productivity of employees, and family caregivers,
who are also employed, make up more than one third of the workforce.
• Often at the prime of their career, the caregiver may feel their only choice is to quit or go
part-time causing financial turmoil.
• Caregivers can learn to step into the caregiving role with confidence and know-how. The
Caregiver’s Toolbox helps simplify and accelerate the process of turning a novice
caregiver into an extraordinary caregiver.
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