Mental Wellness in a COVID Weary World

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On September 9th, 23 individuals, including 5 new members and 4 guests, participated in Mental Wellness in a COVID Weary World, with behavioral health experts, Dr. Javier Santos-Cubina and Dr. Luis Betancourt.

Alliance members participated in an interactive discussion around the psychological impacts of the pandemic, COVID-related stress, and shared strategies to build resilience and perseverance to keep moving forward.

We learned that our early childhood experiences impact how we overcome adversity as adults and build resilience. Dr. Santos-Cubina encouraged creating a routine to enhance a sense of structure, safety and security.

He also recommended the daily practice of “Three Good Things”. Before you go to bed each night, write down three good things that happened in your day, no matter how small. This simple exercise, re-framing and focusing on achievements, is proven to increase quality of life.

Drs. Santos-Cubina and Betancourt noted that we are all experiencing some sense of mourning and loss as a result of the pandemic, and recommended finding ways to empathize and connect with others.

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