Improving our Mental Wellness During Covid-19

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As we are all feeling some “quarantine fatigue”, on October 14, 22 Healthy Charlotte Alliance members Zoomed in to hear from Dr. Amii Steele, Levine Children’s Hospital, on practical ways to Improve our Mental Wellness During Covid-19. Dr. Steele emphasized focusing on what you can control and offered practical ways to protect and boost our mental and physical health.

1) Fuel – East more fruits and vegetables. Eat a variety of plants. Limit caffeine and alcohol.
2) Move – Get at least 21 minutes of activity per day to reduce anxiety and improve mood. Dance, use an exercise app, take a walk. Try and be out in nature at least 17 minutes per day.
3) Sleep – Ensure sufficient sleep to allow your body to repair and restore.
4) De-stress – Practice being mindful (paying attention, on purpose, without judgement), through breathing, yoga, mediation, listening to music, etc. Intentionally consider what you are grateful for, daily.
5) Connect – Maintain virtual connections through email, texts, phone and FaceTime. Offer help and support to others around you.
Create a self-care plan. It’s the opposite of “being selfish”!
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