2019 Community Health Classroom – Mental Health, Help and Hope. Vital Insights: Understanding Depression and Suicide.

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One hundred sixty members, business leaders, healthcare professionals and general community members convened for the 2019 Community Health Classroom.

Dr. Elise Herman, Novant Health, debunked a widespread myth that talking about suicide will lead to suicide. In fact, talking about suicide reduces the stigma, and allows individuals to seek help, rethink their options and share their story.

Victor Armstrong, Atrium Health, shared the importance of making upstream investments to improve mental health in our community. He encouraged us to look to the challenges and trauma our youth face and ways we can mitigate those issues to improve mental health outcomes in the long-term.

Attendees were challenged to Know One Mental Health Resource. Armed with a mental health resource guide, guests left knowing what to look for, what to do and where to turn if they see someone exhibiting warning signs.

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